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My name’s Emilia Silvia, I’m 26 years old, artist by title, photographer by job description, lover of words and beauty in all its forms and somewhere between doing all those things I also try to cook wholesome and nutritious meals for my family. I didn’t really start taking care of myself when it came to food until I had my first child. Before then I never put much thought into what I was putting in my body. But when you have a child everything changes and you start focusing on all sorts of new things – things that never even occurred to you before that are now keeping you up at night like, “what was in that ‘fruit’ snack I gave him today??”
Yeah, that’s when I decided it was time to learn how to cook and learn the ins and outs of nutrition. On this page I hope you can find information that will help you to feed your family with healthy and delicious meals and also give you the knowledge to come up with your own.